Just under 72 hours in Roma

Just under 72 hours in Roma

Hey Lovelies, Kim here, founder of HB! 

Not much of a blog writer but as I was scrolling through my camera roll last night reminiscing about my 2022 trips I realised I hadn’t written a post here and I defo came across some little gems worth sharing. 

Visited Rome (and Italy) for the first time in September last year. Weather was great for the time of year but at times felt a little hot to be walking around the city especially since I’m more of a beach babe than a city stroller but I have to say it was really lovely and knowing my next stop was Sardinia made it more bearable. 

My forte is more designing than writing so I'll get straight to it with some bullet points below. I'm GF hence the references but have to say all the GF spots I visited were delish and I'd recommend whether you are or not! 

Stayed at the Hoxton hotel which was about a 25 minute walk to Pantheon Rome that I visited about 3 times during my stay. There's lots going on and lots to see. 

The Hoxton was nice. Reception got a bit overrun at times. I was greeted in my room with a cute bday card and a complimentary little bottle of red, so cute! :) They have an outdoor terrace restaurant and the food was pretty good. 

I went for the cosy room which had all the space I needed and a full length mirror which is obviously a must! I paid around £575 for 2 nights for room only. I did check out Mama's Shelter Roma which was in a different area and came in cheaper but I'd already booked and paid. 

Best eats I found. 

There are Gelato parlours every few doors I've never seen anything like it. I can definitely vouch for Fiocco di Neve which is 100% gluten free with cones and wafers tasting just as yummy as the real thing, the gelato itself was 100%. Vistited them every day while I was there. They shut super late at like 11pm, maybe later. Queue for Giolitti was crazy every night, my partner opted to go here and enjoyed every mouthful. Both in the Pantheon area. 

Best for alfresco evening dining

I was loving the alfresco evening dining and these two spots didn't disappoint: felice a testaccio, best to book ahead. The roast lamb and potatoes seemed to be the star and were sold out by the time we got there but we did still get to try the potatoes, a must!

Pantha Rei, we were able to get a table on a walk in basis. They open for lunch and then close until dinnertime, located in a gorgeous cobblestoned alleyway, they have both GF and normal pizza and pasta options. (Pantheon area)

Inner city gem on hot summer days - The Sanctuary, enjoy the plunge pool and chill vibes in the day, there was a minimum spend which but I can't actually remember how much it was (note to self don't leave it over half a year before sharing the info) but I THINK it was about £40 per head which could be spent on both food and drinks. From what I could tell it got a bit more lively in the evenings but I didn't double check. They also had a massage area where you can book treatments such as reiki. It's about a 10 minute walk from the Colosseum. 

The Sanctuary

What I wore: Made the most of my Natalie suits which were comfy enough to explore in. A bucket hat came in handy when the sun was beating. My go to whether I'm home or away has to be my Rebi Top, great for my bust size, can be dressed up or down and feels like a second skin, wish I had it in more colours! 

All in all a great trip and has definitely opened me up to doing more city hols. 


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